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Cucumber is the key ingredient in this diet. It can be consumed in unlimited amounts, meaning that you can have one whenever you feel hungry.

Not only will this diet shed the extra pounds, but it will cleanse the intestines, improve digestion, remove excess water, detoxify the system, and boost your metabolism.  It helps cleanse the skin and fight off acne, too.



Add 200 grams of cucumber (sliced) to a low-fat yogurt.  If you feel hungry afterwards, have an apple or two peaches.


Have a large plate of cucumber salad and one slice of toasted wheat bread.  Alternatively, eat two baked or boiled potatoes, without the bread.

Other options include two eggs and 150 g lean meat, three slices of toasted whole wheat bread with 150 g tuna.


You can have a fruit salad or a shake.  Here is a good one:

You will need:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 apple
  • A handful of spinach
  • 20 g of almonds
  • Some ginger

Preparation and use:

Blend the cucumber, apple, spinach, and almonds. Add the ginger and blend once again.  Simple as that!

This shake is packed with nutrients like magnesium, calcium, iron, fiber, and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K.


Have 300 g of fruit of choice.

To sum up, this diet allows 200g cucumbers and a fruit for breakfast; a large plate of cucumber salad with a toasted wheat bread for lunch; and fruit for dinner.  In addition to water, you are allowed to drink unsweetened coffee or tea.

For faster and even more enhanced results, you should exercise on a regular basis combined eating healthy.



High-intensity interval training is a great way to burn calories and lose weight fast. All you have to do is to get cardio equipment like treadmill, bike, or jump rope and follow this pattern:

  • 3 minutes at 50 % of your maximum effort
  • 20 seconds at 75% of your maximum effort
  • 10 seconds at your absolute maximum effort


Lie on the side, with the knees straight.  Put the upper body up on the elbow and forearm for support and then raise the hips until your body forms a straight line from the ankles all the way to the shoulders. Hold for a minute.


Begin in a pushup position with the elbows bent and the weight rested on the forearm.  Keep the body aligned from the shoulders to the ankles.

Raise the right arm in front of you.  Draw the shoulders blades down as you raise the arms and hold for a few seconds.


Get down on all fours and keep the hands aligned with the shoulders and the feet close together. Lower the body to the floor and then go back to the original position.


Lie on the floor with the feet flat on the floor and the knees bent.  Raise the hips, hold for a few seconds, and then go back to the original position.


Stand in front of a step or a bench and place the left foot on it.  Press it into the step and push the body until the leg fully straightens up.  Lower the body until the right foot touches the floor.


Not all natural remedies are 100% efficient, not confirmed as such by a medical person. Most of the homemade remedies are supported by a study providing evidence in favor of their efficacy, but we can not guarantee that a certain recipe would help you in treating any other similar health condition Also, we disclaim any responsibility for the content of the web sites we have linked.

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