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Pediatrician Shows How to Calm a Screaming Baby in a Matter of Seconds!

If you are a parent, you already know that a crying baby is one of the most difficult tasks to deal with.

Its crying disturbs the peace in the home, makes you tensed and stressed during the entire day, and makes you worried all the time. After the start screaming, babies need some time before they calm down, which is an additional stress to the parents.

Luckily, an experienced pediatrician from Santa Monica, California, Dr. Robert Hamilton, reveals an extremely effective technique which will help you calm your crying infant. What’s best about it all is the fact that it works in just a few seconds!

He demonstrates the method in the following video. It is, in fact, a special way of holding the baby, and the technique is called “the hold. ”

Initially, you should pick up the baby, fold each of the arms across the chest, and place your left hand under the baby’s chin to secure the arm.

Then, just put your opposite hand underneath the diaper, support the baby at an angle and lightly shake the baby up and down. Incredible!


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