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Find Out How Much You Have to Walk to Start Losing Weight!

Probably, you may have heard that walking is an activity that helps our body burn calories; however, you may not have known that the amount of burnt calories is conditioned by two factors, that is, the walking area and the individual’s weight. You can find out your values in the chart below:

Find Out How Much You Have to Walk to Start Losing Weight

The Benefits of Walking

Believe it or not, only 60 minutes of walking enables the body to burn 400 calories if one walks with an average speed of 4 miles per hour. To burn 100 calories, you will need to pass one mile or 2000 steps. One pound has 35000 calories. So, to lose a pound weekly, one needs to burn 500 calories daily or walk 5 miles each day.

How to Walk More

  • Instead of using the bus or the subway for work, try walking
  • Park your car farther than where you need to be and walk to your destination
  • Opt for walking instead of taking a taxi
  • Use the stairs more and avoid elevators
  • Walk your children or grandchildren to school

How Often to Walk?

During the first days of incorporating walking to your daily life, you need to take 15-minute walks and with time, increase them to 30 and 60 minutes. According to studies, this is the most effective way to lose surplus weight without following strict diet regimes.

Important to note:

Always consult your physician before including walking as your daily routine in case you’re not healthy enough for this activity.

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