Most of Us Don’t Pay Attention to the Packaging of Toothpaste We Buy. Read Why We SHOULD!

We often do not worry about which tooth paste we buy in the stores. We just choose our favorite brand and take whatever first get to our hand.

But, we should pay more attention! You can find out about the toothpaste ingredients without even looking in the list of ingredients, and here we will explain you how to do this.

Just take a look at the lower part of your toothpaste because there must be a square. The color of this square is very important because it’s an indicator of the components.

In the following text will be shown what each of the colors means.

Green – Fully naturally

Blue – Natural substances + drugs

Red – Natural substances + chemicals

Black – Chemicals

On the other hand, even though this information is available to customers, there are some contradictory claims that these colors have nothing to do with the toothpaste ingredients. However, you can check yourself by reading the list of ingredients. The decision is yours!

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