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The Wonderful Haritaki May Protect You From Many Illnesses!

Haritaki (Terminaliachebula) is a fruit tree that grows in the forests of India and Sri Lanka.

According to a belief, the haritaki rose from drops of Amrit (nectar of eternal seed) that fell to earth from heaven.

Due to its medicinal properties, Haritaki is one of the basic ingredients of Ayurvedic medicine and Tibetan medicine.

The healing properties  of  haritaki

Haritaki has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

Some studies have found that it is effective in the treatment of E. coli and HSV (herpes simplex virus).

It is most commonly used in the form of a powder, although it can be used as a decoction for certain ailments and diseases.

It is used as a remedy for painful urination and kidney stones.

It cures chronic fever and cough caused by flu or viruses.

It has a proven effect on reproductive and sexual health.

As an excellent anti-inflammatory medication, it helps for spermatorrhoea in men and leucorrhoea in women.

A decoction of haritaki is used to treat hepatitis.

If you want a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent, dissolve haritaki powder with a little water.

You can use it, for example, to wash eyes with conjunctivitis, which is otherwise difficult to cure in the short term.

Decoction of haritaki helps in the treatment of wounds in the mouth, or inflammation of the mucosa and gums, and pharyngitis.

Gargle it in the mouth or throat to treat sore throat and tonsils.

Universal cure for stomach and digestion.

Haritaki is known for its beneficial effect on the entire digestive system.

It belongs to a group of natural remedies with prokinetic effect – positive impact on the natural rhythm of the stomach and intestines and accelerate their discharge.

It helps in the treatment of anorexia as it naturally stimulates the appetite.

Due to its mild laxative effects, it cures constipation and bloating and prevents intestinal cramps.

It is effective against worms in the treatment of colitis (inflammation of the colon).

It stops chronic diarrhea. If you suffer from this unpleasant disease, dissolve one teaspoon of haritaki powder in a glass of hot water and drink it slowly as a hot beverage.

If you have problems with stomach ulcers, add half a teaspoon of haritaki powder in warm water and drink it every night before bed.

The same recipe can be used with all stomach problems.

It removes toxins from the body

Haritaki is an ally of the liver in protecting the body from harmful substances.

It stimulates the secretion of excess fluid and helps clean the digestive and urinary tract.

It reduces the lipid deposition in the blood and liver causing a beneficial effect on the entire cardiovascular system.

Thanks to the healthy fatty acids in its composition, it helps to lower high blood pressure and improve heart function.

Add one teaspoon of powdered haritaki in your favorite tea twice a day if you want to get rid of toxins in the body.

Excellent for weight loss:

Prolonged use of haritaki can help you effectively obtain your ideal body weight.

It stimulates the excretion of waste substances from the body and stimulates digestion, and is considered an excellent natural aid in weight loss.

Reduces the impact of harmful fats from food:

Haritaki can be used for prevention of impacts of harmful substances found in processed foods industry.

Natural fat and oil is neutralized, which adversely affects the organism, as well as the additives which we intake every day with fast food.

Dissolve one teaspoon of haritaki powder in a glass of water or juice and drink it with meals, up to two times a day.

Beneficial to the psyche and the heart:

Haritaki is used as a natural tranquilizer. It reduces the effects of tension, stress and frustration.

It strengthens the mind and increases spiritual awareness. It stimulates all five senses, restores their lost strength and strengthens the entire nervous system.

Add one teaspoon of haritaki powder in a cup of milk and sweeten it with honey. Drink once or twice a day.

Treatment of skin diseases:

Haritaki successfully treats skin disorders associated with allergies, urticaria (hives), rash and other skin problems.

Natural antibacterial lining or liquids will help in disinfecting wounds, treat acne and encourage the restoration of damaged and injured tissue.

In 1 oz. of boiled water, mix half a teaspoon of haritaki powder. The combination is used to treat acne and rashes. Soak a cotton pad in it and clean the problem area.

You can make a paste and, in the case of stronger skin infection and damaged tissue, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse it.

More effective than modern medicines:

Haritaki is now recognized as an alternative medicine and is compared to modern drugs such as metoclopramide. It relieves nausea and vomiting very quickly and effectively, when they occur in specific conditions caused by chemotherapy, infection and after surgery.

It is suitable for diabetics, people who suffer from migraines, and is used as a natural tranquilizer for the stomach after endoscopic examination.

Because of its broad spectrum of effect on the whole organism, haritaki is now used not only in fighting disease but also to achieve longevity.

If haritaki is taken with food, it has another role – increased intellectual ability.

Haritaki as a universal remedy:

  • Improves digestion
  • Stops chronic diarrhea
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves problem skin
  • Treats infection
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Helps with nausea and diabetes
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • A natural sedative
  • Treats protracted cough and fever


Although it is used as a panacea, haritaki is not recommended in some cases. It cannot be used by pregnant women and people in a state of dehydration and exhaustion.


Not all natural remedies are 100% efficient, not confirmed as such by a medical person. Most of the homemade remedies are supported by a study providing evidence in favor of their efficacy, but we can not guarantee that a certain recipe would help you in treating any other similar health condition Also, we disclaim any responsibility for the content of the web sites we have linked.

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