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With The Help Of This Genius Trick You`ll Clean Your Clogged Drainpipes In Only 2 Minutes!

What can be really annoying are clogged drainpipes. Sometimes we need a lot of time to solve this problem. This trick we`re about to present you is excellent to know!

You don`t need to buy different products full of chemicals. You just need this magical trick!

Before you start it, you need to get rid of the excess of water present in your skin. Then, pour half a glass of sodium citrate and half a glass of baking soda into your clogged drainpipes.

Then, start using a gentle flow of warm water (about 1 glass). It will create a reaction between the sodium citrate and baking soda which will create foam.

This trick will help you dissolve all the tiny pieces of food and fat or grease which have contributed to that clogging. After 10 minutes, you should use a greater flow of hot water to rinse everything away.


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