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Follow This Amazing Weight Loss Program For Women And Drop 3 Sizes In 7 Days!

Women all over the world accepted the diet program called The Venus Factor, which according to its designers, it is considering the women’s physique and metabolism in order to reduce their weight faster.

The Venus Factor: Exclusive Weight Loss Program for Women

According to the latest research, even 91% of the women over the age of 18 are not satisfied with how they look. The women’s body changes throughout the years, especially after pregnancy because they gain extra weight during those 9 months. Even though they try numerous different diets and treatments, nothing seems to provide the desired results. Maybe the reason why they don’t work is because they are designed for man.

It should be mentioned that men and women have different body structures and each of them is designed uniquely. For instance, women’s body is designed to give birth to babies and raise them as well. moreover, pregnant women tend to eat more in order to keep their babies healthy which is why they gain weight in the mid-section, hips, thighs and backsides.

Program Components

The Venus Factor System is made of 4 components:

This diet program is customized for 12 weeks and it is called the Exercise Plan. The best part about this program is that you can do it in the comfort of your home. Moreover, you should also watch a set of videos in order to learn how to perform the recommended exercises.

The Virtual Nutritionist is actually the software application which will create a customized nutrition regimen based on the personal information.

Pros and Cons:

The Venus Factor program may be the right choice for some women, while for others not so much, because it has its own strengths and weakness and here are they:


This program is very simple to follow because there are videos which you can watch and learn how to perform the exercises, but beside that, it also has a meal plan which consists of healthy meals that are easily made and taste great. It is an excellent choice even for beginners.

The best part about this program is that you don’t need to go to the gym or have your own gym equipment. Moreover, the person keeping this diet doesn’t have to bother to count the calories, all he/she should do is to focus on eating clean, whole foods, but in small portions. In this way, women get good habits and achieve the desired results.


The real weakness of this amazing diet program is that it is not designed for women who want to lose just a few pounds. For most women the ideal female body is when they lose fat in some critical areas and add some muscles instead.


This weight loss program specifically designed for women will help them get their desired eye-catching body. Any woman who is really serious about working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should definitely follow this diet regimen. Moreover, if their dream is to build a stunning body with curves in all the right places, then this is the right weight loss program for them!


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