20 Minutes Of Beginner Yoga Which Will Completely Change Your Life

If you have hard time meditating, yoga can be an excellent way to start feeling how is it to be in a meditative state without the need to sit still and trying to quiet your mind. If it’s easier for you to quiet your mind while doing something, instead of just sitting, yoga is ideal for that.

Yoga provides you a connection with your body and breath, by slowly relaxing you and calming your mind.  The inner well-being benefits of yoga are well known, but it is also an excellent physical exercise that will make you more flexible, stronger, and balanced. The video below shows simple yoga poses for beginners that will take 20 minutes of your time. As you will see, you should end the routine with stillness and relaxation so that your body can rest from the performed movements. Try it and you will feel amazing afterwards.

Doing yoga poses is very beneficial for:

• Improving your mood and reducing stress
• Soothing pain in the back
• Reducing high blood pressure
• Protecting coronary health and relieving the symptoms of heart failure
• Enhancing body strength and flexibility
• Reducing anxiety
• Soothing the symptoms of asthma and allergies
• Improving body posture and musculoskeletal state
• Improving the mobility of the joints

By doing yoga, you can also regulate the symptoms of cancer and schizophrenia. Yoga will help you to be calmer, more disciplined and inspired. Yoga has got numerous benefits for your health.

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