If you’re like many people, the extent of your beauty experimentation with lemons involves squeezing the juice onto your scalp to lighten your hair in the summertime (natural Sun-In, anyone?). Believe it or not, that technique isn’t an old wives’ tale: These yellow citrus fruits actually do provide some great natural benefits for your skin, hair and nails.

Here are some of the most beneficial ways to include them:

Treats acne

You need to know that in case you have thought that for acne there is no cure, you are wrong, here is the Lemon. The yellow citrus will make the acne disappear. It will achieve deep into the pores and clean them, eliminate all the toxins and bacteria which make the acne get on surface. You need to put a bit of honey and lemon and apply on the affected area, several times of the week.

Hyperpigmentation treatment

Lemons are excellent in the lightening process of the skin and thus, they are an amazing tool in the fight against hyperpigmentation signs like dark spots and acne scars. As written in an article by Top 10 Home Remedies, the citric acid in the lemons bleaches the skin.

With a cotton ball, apply some lemon juice onto the affected areas twice per day, leaving the juice for 15 minutes to react and then rinse it off, as seen on Top 10. Repeat the treatment for couple of months until you notice improvement.

Canker sores treatment

While no one can technically see your canker sores, they’re definitely a drag and prevent you from feeling your best. Becky Sturm of beauty shop StormSister Spatique tells Women’s Health that dabbing any infected areas with a couple drops of lemon essential oil helps them heal faster.

Brightens nails

No need to hide your dull-looking fingernails under endless coats of polish. The Stir recommends soaking your fingernails in a bowl of warm water, lemon juice, and honey for a lighter and brighter appearance. Afterward, you just may decide to skip those manicures and go bare!

Treats dandruff

Dandruff is a real problem which will make you get nervous. You need to eliminate it because it will lower your self-esteem. In case you don’t have any cure for dandruff you are on the right place. You need to apply the juice directly from the lemon on your scalp and let it to act like 5-10 minutes and then rinse it with cool water.

Reduction of stretch marks

An article written by The Fit Indian explains that lemons are a very popular method for treatment of stretch marks as they contain alpha hydroxyl acids and vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to be an ascorbic acid which encourages collage production. You will need to rub a lemon directly onto the marks and leave the juice sit for 10 minutes. At the end, rinse off the area with warm water.

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